H1Z1 Early Access

Me and my friends are going to try this recently added game over at Steam called H1Z1. It’s a zombie survival game where you start with nothing and just keep looting what ever you find. The game is currently in alpha mode and if you want to join the fun and have some spare money you have to do is go to steam and buy it. Strangely though, the pricing differs for US residents they are charged $19.99.


But for us in the South East Asia we have an option for a regular or a premium edition which costs around $11 and $22 respectively.


By the way, when it’s fully launched the game is Free to Play. Why are we going to pay for an early access you ask? It’s to support the developer (Sony Entertainment) of the game and of course we are curious of how the game works. It’s kinda like The Walking Dead tv series if you think about it.

Link to steam: H1Z1
In any case you need a map here’s a link: H1Z1 Map
Here’s my twitch channel if you want to see us play: Jayjay1924