Regex Find and Replace on Notepad++

  1. The Dollar

Find: $

Replace: any text

What will happen:

If you click on Replace All, the “any text” will be added at the end of each line of your text file.

  1. Removing leading and trailing spaces

Find: ^\s+|\s+$


This will remove leading and trailing spaces per line.

Subliminal installation error on OSX

I was trying to install Subliminal on my macbook but encountered an error. The error was:

“error: Installed distribution six 1.4.1 conflicts with requirement six>=1.5”

To fix this I uninstalled six 1.4.1 by entering this on the command line:

“pip uninstall six”

then I tried installing the subliminal app again by entering:

“sudo python install”

then it was installed successfully!