Call Ebay (8665403229) for Free using Skype

Recently my account got suspended, I tried selling a digital comic book by Marvel and it is strictly against Ebay’s rules. I was notified last Dec. 23, 2014 that my account was restricted and I have 48 hours to call them and verify my account. I was doing some work at that time so I didn’t call them immediately. Then came 24 and 25 which is a very busy day so I forgot about calling them. Then I received an email earlier today that my account got suspended indefinitely because the 48 hour window has already passed. So for me to get my ebay account reinstated I need to give them a call. Problem is I am not currently in the US, fortunately though there is Skype!

Ebay US doesn’t have a customer service via email or chat, they only do their support services by phone. Luckily, their phone numbers starts with 866 which means its a toll free number for US residents. But wait, I’m not in the US right now. Here comes Skype! Skype offers free calls for a number of toll free numbers and they include numbers that starts with 866! You can see the list of supported numbers by clicking here.

I hope I can get my account reinstated, I will update this post once I am able to call them. Right now its 2AM PST and their office opens at 5AM. Good luck to me!

Update: I was able to call them, and my account was reinstated as I hung up the skype call! So here’s what happened:
1. Open up Skype
2. Dialed the number given to me it was 8665403229
3. The answering machine told me to input my PIN which is given thru their contact page.
4. The machine verified my PIN and I was redirected to a support specialist, mine was Anna!
5. She greeted me merry christmas and asked me politely how she can help me.
6. She asked me a couple of questions regarding my account. Asked me the reason why I wasn’t able to call them within the window.
7. Told her everything, and she explained that my account is new (it’s about a month old) and ebay tend to be strict with new accounts thats why mine got flagged.
8. She was very helpful, she told me that she’s going to give me a chance and will reinstate my account.
9. Chatted a little bit and then she told me my account should be reinstated in a couple of mins.
10. I refreshed my browser pointed at after she said its okay, it was a bit slow and upon saying our thanks and goodbyes the site loaded and my account is reinstated!

Hope you find this helpful, my tips are if you received a notification regarding restriction/suspension call them as soon as you can and if you have to explain anything just be honest. If you get lucky like me, please follow their rules next time!

PS: I am not affiliated with Ebay or Skype. I just happen to experience this and hope someday this post will help someone. If this post helped you please share or like it! Thanks!