GrabCar Philippines Peer and Driver Requirements

Saw this while I was walking around Robinsons Metro East, a list of requirements on how to become a Grab Peer or a Grab Driver. Might be useful to someone some day ­čÖé

Requirements for Peers

  • Original Receipt/Certificate of Registration (OR/CR) or Sales Invoce and Delivery Note of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle’s Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Tax Identification ID (TIN), Income Tax Return (ITR) or any BIR Forms indicating the Peer’s TIN
  • If Vehicle is not under the Peer’s Name, please provide the following:
    • Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from the owner of vehicle including the following info:
      • Vehicle Owner
      • Name of Attorney-in-fact
      • Car Model
      • Car Motor Number
      • Car Chassis Number
      • Car Plate Number
    • Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs with three (3) signature specimen of vehicle owner
    • Original and photocopy of TIN ID or ITR of vehicle’s original owner

Requirement for Drivers

  • Professional Driver’s License or Original Receipt
  • NBI Clearance
  • Driver’s valid email account (Gmail only)

Note: All requirements with expiration must be valid twenty one (21) days before expiry date.

If you are applying as Peer/Driver, kindly present all the above mentioned requirements. Kindly bring the original and photocopy of your requirements.

Please note that I am not in anyway affiliated with GrabCar Philippines.
The above requirements may change and please note that this post was made March of 2017.