Subliminal installation error on OSX

I was trying to install Subliminal on my macbook but encountered an error. The error was:

“error: Installed distribution six 1.4.1 conflicts with requirement six>=1.5”

To fix this I uninstalled six 1.4.1 by entering this on the command line:

“pip uninstall six”

then I tried installing the subliminal app again by entering:

“sudo python install”

then it was installed successfully!

Cignal TV!


I was disappointed with Sky Cable as our plan is P830 a month yet the plan didnt come with HD channels. We were a sky cable subscriber for almost 5 yrs. It started as Sun Cable before and the price was about 350/month. Anyways, my nephew had his first birthday at Shakey’s and they had big TVs with NBA Premium HD playing and I was stunned at its clarity! I saw the Cignal watermark and I convinced my dad that we need to switch immediately. June 13, 2015 we went to Cherry Foodarama Antipolo there was a Cignal booth there and we were able to apply. Lucky us! because they have a promo that if you are switching from another provider you will get 2 months of subscription for free. The next day, the installers came to our house and ┬áinstalled the satellite dish and set-top boxes (we ordered 2). The install guy told me to leave the set-top boxes open (with green light) as those boxes are not yet activated and will be after 2-3 days. Then after another day someone from Cignal called my cellphone and asked some questions regarding our application. Then later that night our Cignal boxes were activated!

So all in all it only took 3 days to switch our cable provider. One for application, one for installation and one for activation. I just hope their after sales service is good now. I researched about it and found some horrible experiences.