OSX Yosemite, slow trackpad.

On OSX Yosemite, If you are using a trackpad with Tap to click (tap with one finger) enabled and your mac is slowing down requiring you to double tap or actually press the trackpad. Try turning on the Reduce Transparency option.

To turn it on, open up System Preferences > Accessibility > Vision > Display.

Upgraded HQ to Level 7 @ StarWarsCommander

I got addicted to this game called Star Wars Commander. Think of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Samurai Seige with Star Wars characters. It is very addictive and time consuming though. Currently (the date of posting mind you :P) the max level for the Headquarters is 7 and I maxed it out! I had to wait a week and a day for it to finish.

Oh and if you are from the Philippines and joined the Imperial faction, I have a squad here called Pilipino feel free to join we currently have no requirements so everyone is welcome. Even non-pinoys may join 🙂

Sometimes I play live on twitch too, if you want to see me play this game go to my twitch.tv account and make sure you hit the follow button so you’ll now when I go live! thanks! 🙂